Skirts made of environmental friendly fabrics. This is a serie of three skirts named, Cubical, Nipple and Conception.

Cubical is an 8-gore skirt with every gore made of one piece of fabric. The cubicals are formed through special techniques, designer’s invention. Alternative use of this technique in other designs you can find in the Fashion drawing part.

Nipple is a two pieces skirt. A simple natural skirt for daily use, combined with a satin hip skirt for parties and other special occasions. You can combine it with the ornament of felt and Venetian glass. The glass object is beautiful as necklace.

Conception is a three layer skirt with satin fabric inside. The (hand painted) spiral moves gently with the soft waves of the half circle skirt to reach it’s destiny, the black and pink ornemant.

Fotography: Riccardo Kovacic